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Halloween Party Games

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Halloween Party Games

Post by Leopardstar on Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:07 pm

These are the games for the party! Don't post here yet, the post will be open to play when the party starts. Very Happy Just say what we should play first, and that's that! When someone wants to play something else, if people agree, we can play the next. This is a work in progress(WIP)! Who's excited?
If there is a disagreement, we can add a new topic for what to play. Then everyone's happy, and two games can be running at a time.

Note: The ideas for some of these games came from Halloween Forum Games and WARRIORCLAN

Game #1:  Four Word Spooky Story!
You say four words at a time, trying to make a spooky story! You can't control what others add, so we can see how it goes! Very Happy

Game #2: How Many Times Game!
You ask a question, like 'How many haunted houses have you been to?' and the next person would answer, then ask another Halloween-themed(or not) question!

Game #3: Yay or Nay!
You name an object or place, then the next person says Yay or Nay and names another object. Very Happy

Game #4: Mafia
This game is complicated but very fun. There are innocents, a narrator, a doctor, and a murderer! It is a murder mystery game.
First, the narrator is chosen. Then he/she chooses at random a doctor and murderer and PMs(Private Messages) them their roles. The innocents are not messaged, to save time. So if you get no message, you are innocent.
Now(which is nighttime in game) the murderer pms the narrator who they want to kill, and the doctor pms the narrator who they want to save. If the doctor chooses who the murderer chose, then the victim is saved and no one dies! Very Happy
The 'night' ends, and the narrator posts with the event, like who died(if they did die). This is the only instance where someone may double post.
Afterwards, everyone votes on who they think it is. Whoever gets the most votes dies. If the doctor dies, well, no one can be saved. If the murderer dies, the innocents win! I'll be the first narrator to show everyone how it is, unless someone already knows how. Very Happy

Game #5: The person above me died because...
So pretty much in this game, you just say

The person above me died because (Put reasons)
You could put something like "The person above me died because they stole mah potatoes" Very Happy

Any questions with the games? PM Leopardstar!

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Re: Halloween Party Games

Post by CodeNameVixen on Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:25 pm

I'll definitely play these games.
Smile I'd play the 'four word spooky story' game,
and the 'person above me died' game. Smile

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