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Warriorcats Fanfic

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Warriorcats Fanfic Empty Warriorcats Fanfic

Post by Leopardstar on Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:32 pm

I'm going to write a Warriors fanfic based off Warriors by erin Hunter!
So, it'll take a while. I'll write each chapter in a spoiler to save space. Very Happy This is a work in progress(WIP), so it's not near finished!

(Based off Warriorclan!)
Leader: Whitestar - a white, short-furred tom with green eyes

Deputy: Redflower - a ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a nicked left ear

Medicine Cat: Larkflight - a solid light brown she-cat with blue eyes

Brindlestripe - brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes, slightly small for her age

Hawkstep - ginger tabby tom with large white spots and fierce amber eyes

Sootspot - smoky black tom with yellow eyes

Darksun - black she-cat with a white chest and blue eyes

Honeypetal - cream she-cat with long fur and one yellow, and is missing an eye

Lichensand - blueish gray she-cat with blue eyes and a black chin and tail tip

Ambertail - ginger tabby she-cat with very dark brown eyes and a long tail

Littleclaw - a small, furry gray and brown tom with blue eyes

Emberpaw - dark brown tom with blue eyes
Sunpaw - tan tom with green eyes and long legs
Doepaw - dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes

Leafmoon - tortoiseshell she-cat with long fur and green eyes, heavily pregnant

Patchstone - gray tom with brown eyes, missing a forepaw

Mossflame - bright red she-cat with amber eyes, still fit but almost blind

Info: The Echoclan camp is in a cave system, and many cats are born blind.
Leader: Coldstar - white tom with a long scar on his left flank

Deputy: Yellowspring - yellowish-cream tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Acornleaf - brown she-cat with brown eyes

Harejaw - blind cream tom, amber eyes but still can fight and hunt

Flowerwave - black she-cat with white spots, dark brown eyes

Bateyes - dark brown tabby tom, blind but has bright blue eyes

Runningbreeze - silver she-cat with green eyes
APPRENTICE - Leapingpaw

Stormtail - black tom with blue eyes and a white tail tip and chin, blind

Poppysnow - a tabby she-cat with grey eyes

Bluepaw - blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes, is blind
Leapingpaw - A large, brown, green eyed she-cat, white around the chest, muzzle, and paws

Hollyfern - light gray she-cat with blue eyes, is blind
Shrewfur - light brown she-cat with brown eyes and a large, awkward hindpaw

Finchflight - black tom with gray eyes, blind and deaf, oldest cat in both clans


The icy cold winter air pressed in on a light-brown she cat with blue eyes. She was laying in a small, moonlit depression in a hill. A small puddle had collected at the bottom and reflected the half-moon and stars. This was the moonhill. The depression had steep edges, grassy with plenty of footholds. The cat looked up at the stars.
Suddenly, the stars started to swirl and form a cat. It took a smaller shape and drifted down to the she-cat, her eyes serene and somewhat drowsy.

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